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Ladies between 21-40 With a least some basic command of English & Spanish They should also be reliable and confident You must hold either an EU passport or a valid visa if outside EU enabling them to work either part-time or full-time in Portugal.

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Algarve Jobs

Not looking for

Do not work with Couples, Men, Tran-sexual or transvestites! We do not accept minors. Women who work with or for pimps!


You need to include pictures showing body and face in your application, if you don´t we will not reply.


We at Unforgettable Escort do not work with minors and or illegal workers. Algarve jobs are against any form of human trafficking and or pimps exploring females for the gain of money. Unforgettable escort DOES NOT accept the sales and or use of any kind of drugs by any one working with us or using our services. You need more info on this subject contact us.